Visiting Witten Park during the COVID Pandemic.

With the current restrictions in place regarding the global COVID 19 pandemic Witten Park Vets has developed a protocol for our clients visiting the practice which we have summarised below. Many vets in the UK are not allowing clients in the building at all, but we have made the decision to allow clients in to see the vet with their pet, providing we all take precautions (his may be ammended). Other businesses where social distancing is not possible e.g. Dentist, GP’s, Opticians, all have similar protocols. We understand this is a worrying time and by following some simple rules we aim to keep the vet visit as safe as possible for all of us.

1) If you or a member of your household have any covid symptoms – (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of taste or smell), or are self isolating, please do not come to the clinic. If your pet needs to be seen for essential treatment let us know and we can arrange a safe way for this to be done.

2) Please maintain social distancing outside and inside the premises – ideally 2m or “1m plus”.

3) One person per pet outside your car or in the building.

4) If you enter the building or are holding a pet for a member of staff outside please wear a face covering and try and maintain social distancing.

5) On entering the building please use the automatic hand sanitiser in the lobby to sanitise your hands. You do not need to touch the dispenser.

6) Keep at least 1m from the reception desk, let reception know you are here and why.

7) For medicine collection you will be directed to wait at the dispensing table next to the main entrance.

8) If you are here to see the vet you will be asked for your mobile phone number, colour and make of car. You will be directed to wait in the car until the vet either comes to get you or rings you.

9) After the vet consult, if you have medicines to collect, please wait by the outdoor medicine table.

Other points:

Please bring your mobile phone with you to the appointment if you are here to see the vet.

If you are exempt from wearing a face mask please wear a visor instead if possible.  If you are unable to wear a mask or visor, or have been asked to shield yourself,  we can still treat your pet. Please arrive at the practice and telephone from your car to tell us you are here. Your pet can be brought into the clinic without you (cats or dogs) or, where appropriate, examined in the marquee or car park (dogs only in daylight hours) with you present at a distance of 2m+.

Face coverings are worn to protect yourself, staff and other members of the public. We have many elderly and vulnerable clients, who may be in the waiting room when you walk in. Unlike in a supermarket, it is not always possible to maintain 2m social distancing inside the practice, and impossible to distance at all when in a consult room with the pet and vet. We have staff in higher risk groups and for their safety they cannot be that close to people who are not wearing a face covering. If you are exempt from wearing a mask we would also be concerned for your safety in this close environment.

Appointments and medications re-ordering can be done online. As usual please give 48h notice for medication re ordering.

Please be mindful these rules are in place to keep yourself, staff and other clients safe and to enable Witten Park to stay open. We all need to do what we can to reduce the transmission of COVID.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation

Henry and Gareth