Covid Update June 2020

  • We’ve started doing vaccines again.  As the lockdown measures are eased we have adjusted our working practices so that we can keep both our staff and clients safe.  We have purchased 2 large marquees and can now book in dogs for their annual checks and vaccinations. We have set up our online booking system so that dog and cat owners can book appointments online  These appointments are at Witten Park for Dogs  and East the Water for Cats.
  • We are also now able to see less urgent cases and those cases that have been on hold during the earlier stage of lockdown.  Eg neutering and certain dental procedures, lumps and bumps.  Please ring the surgery to enquire.  Because of safe working practices we are not able to have the surgery fully staffed yet and so we are still running telephone consultations along side visits to the surgery.  Our receptionists will be able to tell you if your pet needs a call or needs to come to the surgery in the first instance.
  • Order medications and food online


Covid update 20 April 2020
The government has extended the lock down to help slow the spread of the virus.
This means that for the next three weeks (and until official policy changes) we will continue with our current protocol of telephone consults and seeing only urgent/emergency cases on site. Please see below for the previous post about making appointments.

More information about vaccinations: The important information-if your pet’s vaccinations are overdue and require a restart we will provide this free of charge for 2 months post restrictions being lifted. Continue reading for the detail!

During the lock-down period we are not doing any routine vaccinations (other than for rabbits). As the lock-down period has been extended by at least 3 weeks some dogs and cats will be reaching the stage where they are now overdue their vaccinations.
Here’s a summary of the situation
The DHP part of the vaccine is valid 3 years so this is not problematic
The Leptospirosis vaccine is only valid for 12-14 months and then a restart is required. Once the lock-down has been lifted we will be offering a second dose of Lepto free of charge for all dogs that need a restart.
Owners whose pets are overdue are urged to prevent them swimming in slow flowing/stagnant freshwater.
The Leukaemia part of the vaccine has a duration of 3 years for vaccinated cats older than 2 years. The cat flu part of the vaccine is given annually and over due cats will need a restart. For these cats and vaccinated cats younger than than 2 years we will give the required 2nd vaccination free of charge.
Sound too complicated? Not to worry-we’ll explain it when you come in for your annual health check and vaccination!

Just a reminder that the tick season is here and fleas and worms are a year round risk so please call the surgery to order you antiparasitic treatments. We can deliver.
Henry and Gareth


Updated Clinical Protocol in Lock Down 23 March

During this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic our objectives are to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus whilst still providing essential care to our clients and their pets.

To reduce contacts and manage our staff we are going to close the East the Water branch for the moment. If you call the ETW branch you will be diverted to Witten Park.
To abide by the most recent instructions during the next number of weeks we’ll only be seeing urgent and emergency cases. We will be setting up a telephone call consult service, so that where possible owners need not bring their pet to the surgery. Following the tele consult our vet team will dispense meds if required or if clinically necessary arrange for the patient to be seen. Medications can be collected from the surgery.
The online booking service is not available.

Here is a summary of the protocol:

1 Ring the surgery with an enquiry and speak to a receptionist. The receptionist will explain the situation and offer a telephone appt with a vet for a specified time slot. This will be a charged consultation (£28.98) and if you wish to proceed the receptionist will take your card details. The vet will ring at the specified time (+/-) 10 minutes

2 The vet will call and and have the consult, and then decide how to proceed ie put up meds to collect/ask you to email a photo or video/or decide whether patient needs to be seen.

3 If meds only the vet will put these up and and they can be collected at the surgery.

4 If patient needs to be seen the vet will make the appt at a suitable time.

5 When you arrive at the surgery please ring to let us know that you have arrived. The vet will then give you call and either exam the dog in the car park, bring the dog into the surgery for exam, or for cats bring the cat in the basket into the surgery. Any treatment will then be given in house or dispensed. Please observe social distancing rules.

Under normal circumstances we would see patients every 12 months for their health check and booster vaccinations. Many insurance companies require this as part of their conditions for providing cover. During the Lock Down we are advising owners to hold off for 3 weeks until new guidelines have been issued. Please ring the surgery to re-book as we will not be able to send reminders at the moment.

For puppies and kittens or for emergency kennelling and catteries we may book appts.
Anti-parasite meds and repeat long term meds

We want to continue to provide protection to our pets (esp as we head into tick season) and so will dispense tick/flea and worming medications as required. Where necessary for long term repeat medications telephone consults can be arranged.

Medicines may be collected from the surgery. We are able to offer a delivery service for at risk groups probably Tuesdays and Fridays (£2.50 delivery charge)

All routine operations have been postponed. In certain circumstances cat spays may be booked in to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

All other ops will be on a clinical need basis.
Home visits

We do not anticipate doing home visits during the Lock Down other than in very exceptional circumstances.
This is an evolving situation and depending on government advice may need to be changed in future.
Thanks to all our clients in anticipation.
Henry and Gareth